Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year - New Problems to Solve

I have spoken with several individuals in the new year who are uncertain whether to jump right into mediation of their disputes or whether to hire an attorney, start the legal process and then get into mediation. There are other variations of this dilemma as well, including whether to hire attorneys to provide counsel during pre-litigation mediation or not.

Just as in mediation, these decisions are not mine. I can help these individuals to make their decisions but I cannot make recommendations or decisions for them.

I believe the more informed a person is before making any decision, the better the decision will be and the better the person will feel after making that decision.

What I can do is provide these undecided individuals with information regarding the legal processes and the mediation process and other options and also provide them with online resources to consult. The information provided varies depending on the specific nature of the dispute, but I am always happy to do it.

This is one way in which I work to empower individuals to make the very best decisions for themselves even at this early stage, and at every subsequent stage during the mediation process.

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