Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Celebrating 1,000 Hits

When I first started this blog in August 2006, I didn't have a way to track the number of "hits" to see if anyone was actually reading my articles. And it was clear that looking at the number of "Profile Views" doesn't quite do the trick since return readers generally have no reason to check out my profile when they're checking back for new articles. But I wanted a way of knowing that the information I was posting was actually reaching people.

So I saw a discreet site meter on someone else's website, followed the link and created my own site meter for this blog. I also ensured that my own visits would be ignored since I view the blog often to make changes or post new articles but certainly don't want those counted. But because the site meter is fairly small and located at the very bottom of my blog, I don't always see it. And that is why I didn't realize I'd passed the 1,000 mark! (1,122 as of this moment). Wow. It's great to know that the information I am providing is reaching people, some of whom call or write, but others don't..... and yet, I still know that you're out there and taking the time to read what I've taken the time to write - for you. Happy 1,000 to!!

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