Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Integrative Mediation: How involving other professionals in your divorce can help

I was recently a guest on Chuck Finney's local public radio show "Your Legal Rights" along with psychologist Stacey Shuster, PhD. We discussed divorce mediation and premarital mediation as well as the integrative mediation model in which two professionals from different specialities join forces to help individuals through difficult cases and keep families out of court. Here is the link to this radio show. If you are considering embarking on a divorce with significant emotional issues for one or both of you, I hope you will consider this as an option to help ensure the emotional issues do not prevent productive settlement discussions.
Paula M. Lawhon


Unknown said...

What a fascinating strategy to use different individuals from different aspects of family law and marriage. I can see how different ideas and methods can help a couple resolve their problems. Sometimes a look at what might happen is a great way to fix what is currently happening in a marriage.

Unknown said...

I think that the concept of involving other professionals in my divorce can be a good solution for some couples. It seems like there are special cases that require other professionals than a mediator and a lawyer to be involved. I should consider hiring a mediator for my divorce, because there are certain issues present in my divorce that a mediator may be able to help us to work out. Thanks for the information!