Friday, August 20, 2010

Divorce Recovery Coaching

As a divorce mediator, my clients come to me to help guide them through a very difficult time of their lives. In addition to managing the court filings and financial disclosures and helping couples reach creative agreements together and putting all of that into writing, I am also able to share with my clients the wealth of resources I have gathered over my years in practice.

Individuals going through a divorce or separation often face challenges they have never had to deal with before. Sometimes this means dealing with and understanding their finances or investments for the first time in decades. Sometimes it's needing to find a good insurance broker to find an individual health insurance plan after the divorce, or a mortgage broker to help figure out re-finance options for the family home. Other times it's a financial advisor, a tax professional, a contractor, an estate planning or immigration attorney, a therapist, a co-parenting counselor, etc...

One of the resources I rely on is Divorce Recovery Coaching for Women. Laura and Judy have offices in the Flood Building on Market & Powell in the same building as my mediation offices. And, after learning more about their approach and philosophy directly, I have been recommending this coaching to any woman going through a difficult break up.

Here is information from their website. (

“If you’re feeling lost, alone & afraid from a painful divorce or break-up… We’ll show you how to feel better NOW and start rebuilding your life…”

Are you hurting? Is your heart breaking?
Are anger or guilt eating you up inside?
Are you scared about your financial future?
Do you feel insecure about which steps to take next?
Are you feeling the pain of divorce, even years later?
Do you want to decrease the negative effects of divorce on your children?

Our supportive programs are designed for women just like you. We guide you step-by-step to quickly relieve your emotional pain so you can move through this time with clarity and confidence.

Next post, I'll let you know about similar resources for men's divorce recovery!


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