Monday, November 19, 2007

Divorce Mediation Live Internet Talk Show

I am always searching the Internet to grab any information I think might be helpful to those considering mediation of any type of dispute so I can post it on this blog. I came across this useful press release article regarding an Internet Radio Talk Show which discusses "Myths & Facts of Divorce Mediation." There are live Internet shows and archived Internet shows as well.

Below is an excerpt from the article or click here to go the full article which provides links to the shows:

Divorce Mediation: Myths & Facts, the first show of its kind in the country, educates and informs listeners about mediation - the legal alternative to the expensive battle of divorce litigation. Less than a year old, the show is already proving to be a tremendous success. In its first 10 months the show more than tripled its listening audience, unprecedented growth according to show producer Brian Travis. "Mediation is turning the legal system upside down as more and more people recognize the limitations and costs associated with litigation," says creator and host Philip Mulford, J.D., a professional mediator since 1990 and formerly a practicing attorney. "This show sheds light on an alternative that keeps divorcing couples out of court and saves them thousands of dollars. Despite those benefits and growing awareness, mediation is still often misunderstood and underutilized."

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