Thursday, October 26, 2006

Choosing a "Good Divorce" over a "Bad Divorce."

We always hear that life is about choices. We can choose to be happy despite less than ideal circumstances. We can choose to be healthy despite unhealthy options. We can choose our own paths in life... or create our own.

The same is true in a divorce. Two people who once cared enough about each other to get married and who now recognize their marriage is not salvageable - for whatever reasons - can make the choice to have a "good divorce" instead of an ugly and bitter "bad divorce."

A "good divorce" means that the two adults work together to make the best choices for themselves and their children and come to a result that feels fair to both parties in the less than
ideal circumstance of finding themselves in a divorce. A "bad divorce" is taking a bad situation and making it worse - by choice.

Most of my clients opt for the "good divorce" - not just to save time and money, but also for their own mental health. This is the healthier choice. And it is just that - a choice.

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