Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mediation Questions?

The reason I started writing this San Francisco Mediation Blog is because I find that while many of my clients have heard of mediation, the vast majority do not know what it really means or what it involves. Many do not understand the role of the mediator as a "neutral." Many do not understand the difference between mediation, arbitration and litigation. Many do not know whether they can go to mediation if there is not an actual lawsuit pending (yes, you can). And, many do not know what to expect if they are about to get into a mediation. That is the purpose of my blog.

Whether you know me, know about me, or don't know me from anyone, but you have a question about mediators or anything about the mediation process, please ask. You can e-mail me with a question ( or you can post a question here ( I am interested in helping people understand mediation. I will answer your question with a blog entry and hopefully it will help not only you, but someone else as well.

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